I love this place! The tempura is excellent, the miso soup is delicious, and the sushi and sashimi are fresh as can be. The waitstaff are entertaining: silly, bossy, friendly, but always entertaining.
— Wendy K.
Went here for lunch with two other people. We all agreed that the service and food were both excellent. The agedashi tofu dish and tempura were both especially good.

We will go back for sure.
— Joshua M.
We love this place! It is truly a gem tucked away in the corner of Pacheco Plaza. We've been coming here for about 10 years and it has been consistently excellent. The food is fresh, prepared well and delicious. The restaurant is clean and the waitstaff are friendly and helpful. Our favorites include - miso soup, tempura, california roll, yellowtail sashima/sushi, tuna, spider roll, rainbow roll, most everything is really good. Their lunch combination special is a great deal. Our favorite in Marin.
— Lyn M.
A secret hidden gem I tell you. It's where the paradise foods and boca pizzeria is. I ordered the chicken katsu and tempura roll box. My fav was the miso soup , so freakin yummy. I also ordered the seafood roll I loved that also. Service is awesome which is a good plus! Give it a try!
— Kdzee R.
Best sushi EVER!!!

OK, best cucumber salad, and I adore the tempura rolls. I'm a conservative sushi eater, so the wild children who eat blowfish, I can't say if you'll like it. But the sake selection is good (I hear) and the chefs are fabulous.
— Adryenn A.
Love this place!!! The fiance and I went to dinner here on a Friday night. It is located in a shopping center next to Boca Pizzeria and Paradise supermarket. The place was fairly packed, but there were a few tables available and a few seats at the sushi bar. We were greeted and seated right away. The busboy came by and gave us warm tea and towels within seconds. He also took our drink orders. Our waiter came a few minutes later to take our order. The place was super busy and the waiters and bus boys were running around making sure everyone was taken care of, which was awesome. We decided to order the Agedashi Tofu to start with.

My fiance ordered the Taki Special (not sure if that's the correct name of the plate-can't remember). It was 20 pieces of sashimi and rolls. It was huge!!! The portions were huge also. This place does not skimp on the size of their sashimi. The dish could have fed 3-4 people. He ordered this for himself. He thought the fish would be small, like other places we've tried so he thought this dish would be enough for him. It was more than enough. He had to take on half of it. (pictures are posted so you can see how big those pieces look).

My fiance got his food first and started eating. A waiter came by and saw that he had a the entire plate for himself and asked him if was all for him. My fiance said yes and the waiter was shocked and started laughing and shaking his head. It was funny. If we knew how huge it was we wouldn't have ordered anything else. (this was our first time here).

I ordered the Scallop Special (2 baked scallop rolls), Spider Roll, and the Tempura Roll. These rolls were also huge and filling. I had to take a handful of pieces home also.

Since the place was busy the food took about 40 minutes to come out, which was ok. We got our miso soup and appetizer to munch on. The waiter told us that it would take long and asked us if that was ok. It wasn't a big deal. Just expect a wait if the place is busy and if you're ordering sushi and rolls. They only had 3 sushi chefs making sushi for everyone. And it seemed like everyone in the restaurant was ordering sushi. Cooked items didn't take as long.

Overall, the meal was delicious and the staff were super nice and friendly.

I love this place and will be coming back. This is my new go to sushi restaurant!!!
— Linda M.
This place is great. Fresh tasting. Good service. Nice ambiance.
I get the tempura dinner and its a ton of food.
Miso soup is amazing, the slaw salad is refreshing.
— Sober L.

It is so good! The sushi rolls are huge, and the fish is always so fresh. Also, we've been coming her for years, so we really love the staff, and how friendly they are. On busy nights, the service can get a little slow, but I'd never dock a star because the food is too delicious. Their tempura is awesome and we really love their poki!
— Christina S.
Favorite sushi place in Marin! Everything here is so fresh and delicious. Spicy tuna and crazy rolls are my faves. The tempura is always so delicious, I am in love with this place. Service is great too the staff are all so nice. The bathrooms are so clean as well. Im honestly not sure how anyone can say Taki is a bad place, I've never had a bad experience with the staff or the food! We are lucky to have a restaurant like this in Novato!
— Jenny G.